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? >>> also tonight a health alert, big news that impacts millions with sleep apnea. how to reverse the damage. >>> plus the truth about the debt ceiling. we breakdown what really happens if there's no deal by august 2nd. >>> but first as of now the storms are finally winding down. >> but time to get ready for dangerous heat. topper shutt joins us from the weather center. top? >> 9 today, just going to get -- 95 today, just going to get hotter tomorrow. the heat advisory has been posted now you folks up in frederick county and loudoun county are technically not in the advisory. gaithersburg and montgomery county and the district and frederick county and points south, either side of 95 in the advisory. it still feels like 84 downtown and 82 in hagerstown. don't exercise in the evening, exercise if the morning and so heat advisory means the heat index is between 105 and 109. exercise in the morning because the peak heating of the day is actually about 5:00 in the evening. all right, live doppler 9000 hd the storms are finally pushing through. the warnings just cleared. just about 60 seconds ago
, there's the shower early on saturday morning, not a big deal. behind the front we still stay warm, 90 on saturday, low 90s sunday, and down-right hot on monday with mid-90s. more storms tuesday, some of those could be hefty and low 90s continuing into wednesday. it's this time of year when cold fronts is kind of a misnomer. >> not really much cold there. >> not at all. >>> we were joking yesterday about the fact that the nationals got about 500 one game, and last time that happened, a manager left town. >> i don't think he's going anywhere. we know at least not until the end of this season, hopefully not until the end of next season because he's starting to find his stride this season. davy johnson may be 68 but he has the nerve of a 28-year-old. the gutsy move that won the nats the ball game. >>> there's the slip >> the yankees don't bunt a lot. when you're the yankees and you hit 8 million home runs, you don't need to bunt, but the nationals need to bunt, and even when they screw up the bunt, they need to bunt again. nats and cubs tonight. you won't see ryan zimmerman bunting much b
and big names? >> it's funny you remember the name of the one woman who took her shirt off. >> how about mia ham. i get your point. they are one win from immortal. abby is the new hero. a french fry. plus, not sure if calling the commissioner a crook is going to help solve the lockout and tonight's big joke was dodger blue. 9sports next. >>> it's time for 9sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >>> if you are a woman in your 30s who grew up playing soccer, there's a good chance you idolize mia ham or tiffany. they won a world cup and made soccer cool. now a generation later, abby hopes solo and ali kreiger are going it again. the semifinals against france. it was her head that brought the 1-1 tie. and just three minutes later, alex mohr began down the left wing. right over the goalie's hand, part of a 3-1 u.s. victory today. on to the final for the first time since 1999. >> i knew from the very beginning we were going to find a way to win. not this team's mentality. we do it for our country. g back here at home after 14 years with the team, junior is leaving the wizards. the
i'm matt in tonight for bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. a big holiday weekend means lots of people will be on the roads. some after drinking too much alcohol. to keep the area safe, area police are stepping up police. armando trull is live with details. armando. >> reporter: this is the cross roads and to the north of me is montgomery county. to the east is prince georges county. to the south, takoma park and then dc. officers from all of those jurisdictions are out and about making sure that no one is driving drunk and it's not just here. >> this traffic stop on 495 near tyson's corner is one of hundreds that police officers will be making over the fourth of july weekend. >> we have a lot of people out tonight doing dwi enforcement. >> 62 officers from multiple jurisdictions will be saturating highways and roads instead of setting up check points. >> it's a little more difficult to detect as many drunk drivers. we feel like saturation patrol is much more effective. >> you can cover more. >> gives you much more mobility. you can look at several cars, you can move a
. >> it ends medicare making seniors pay more while giving tax breaks to big oil and corporations sending jobs overseas. >> all eyes now on a compromise measure created by the bipartisan gang of six that concludes a trillion bucks in higher taxes and 4 trillion in spending bucks. the president endorsed the senate plan today as did a surprising number of gop senators. the president says he's hoping congressional leaders will use this compromise plan as the basis for a final deal and start working on that one tomorrow. remember, the final deadline for that debt ceiling increase august the second. >>> right now police are on the scene of a deadly shooting in fairfax county. they found the victim shot to death inside his springfield home. matt jablow joins us live with the latest there from the crime scene. >> reporter: anita, it's one of those neighborhoods that are so quiet you can clearly heard the birds chirping so you can only imagine how surprised neighbors were when they heard a gunshot early this evening. >> it's a tragedy. >> reporter: it was right around 6:00 tonight when word of a shoot
, because it made it so easy to forget what a big deal it was and what we're missing now that they're gone. remember, this was the world's first and only reusable spaceship. a high flying symbol of the national gum tion that had us believing anything was possible. back then america was into doing the same stuff. taking on the hard stuff as is president kennedy said because they were hard. the moon landing, sky lab. heck, all the way back to building the interstate highways or even the railroads. our unofficial national slogan could have been go big, or go home. well, now the space shuttle is about to come home for the final time, and it has me wondering are we still that country? remember president bush wanted to have a man trip to mars but they said, no, we can't afford that. and the 90s lockheed was working on the space claim to end the shuttle but the technology didn't work out. high speed rail, china, but not us. now, some folks say you know you're getting old when you start talking about what you used to do. and while nobody wants to think that this great nation could be past its time
for charity. the democrats won big. 8-2. now, with all of the trash talk and the focus on winning, gary nurenberg sees similarities between the debt negotiations and the big game. gary. >>. >> reporter: well, some differences too. you can see what is going on on the field. other differences? >> we don't have a clue what the rules are. there is no guarantee either side of the country will win. >> reporter: i hear they're playing ball . we have to be playing ball in the other venue. >> reporter: but it is hard ball. >> we play to win. we play to win. we didn't not a single one of us got down here coming in second. >> reporter: the democrats jumped to an early lead behind the pitching of louisiana's cedrick richmond who drove in a run with a long drive. it was quickly 6-0 democrats. philosophy for overcoming that deficit? >> you just do what the president does and scream foul ball about everything and walk off. >> reporter: okay, it's a stretch. but take it from one of baseball's legendary families. >> that's always been the legacy of my great-grandfather that you get out there and play t
hostage and now boehner's big move gets rejected. >> this is 9news now. >>> will now a little more than three days left until the united states runs out of money to pay all its bills. >> failing to find that elusive compromise congress has left for the night and parts to resume the partisan warfare tomorrow. gary neurenberg is in the position tonight of reporting developments but no progress. gary? >> reporter: well said, derek. after a week of write and rewrites the house finally passed this evening a bill to cut spending and temporarily raise the debt ceiling. less than two hours later the senate killed it. the house republican bill only passed because it included a nearly insurmountable prerequisite to raising the debt ceiling again at the end of the year. >> both houses of the congress must send to the states a balanced budget amendment. >> reporter: the president warned. >> it does not solve the problem and it has no chance of becoming law. >> reporter: no democratic voted for it, 22 republicans voted no. but. >> yays 218, nays 210. the bill passed. >> reporter: one hour later the
it on twitter and facebook. but as it turns out the price was a big mistake. sears apologized. says they will not honor the discounted price. >> you've got to be kidding me? the ipad ii normally retails for about $750. >>> harry potter's final installment of the series earned $92 million on its opening day. that makes it the biggest premier of any film in history. box office trackers projecting the movie will also break the opening weekend record currently held by "the dark knight." >> that's it. it is over. can you believe it? >> finally comes to a close. >> we have got some hot, even dangerous weather headed our way? >> dangerous weather. heat index values through the middle and end of next week could hit the 100 teens in some locations. it will be intensely hot as we get to the end of the week but for the weekend. at least we will squeak out another beautiful day for tomorrow. in fact, the forecast overnight tonight is going to stay in the clear. we still have high pressure rolling. that's a good thing. we will keep it quiet as we go into the early morning hours. in fact the curr
negotiate with president obama on a big deficit reduction plan, the president demanded that boehner and other leaders show up at the white house tomorrow morning to talk anyway. gary nurenberg is here with the prospect for any progress. gary. >> reporter: no surprise for a collapse of a long-term deficit deal. the question is whether any kind of short-term deal is possible. after boehner said talks in a long-term deal are off, the president told the congressional leadership. >> i want them here at 11:00 tomorrow. we have run out of time and they are going to have to explain to me how it is that we are going to avoid default. >> reporter: he said he offered more than a trillion dollars in spending cuts and 6 hundred 50 million more in cuts to social security, medicaid and medicare. >> what we said was give us 1.2 trillion in additional revenues, which could be accomplished without hiking taxes. >> can they say yes to anything. >> reporter: boehner said it's the president that walked away from the deal. >> first they insisted on raising taxes. we have an agreement on a revenue number.
and the responsibility that it's on her. >> i think that's a big failure for the justice system. >> so convicted only of four misdemeanor counts for which she has not yet been sentenced. why is casey anthony still behind bars tonight? why didn't her lawyers ask the judge to let her out until she is sentenced on thursday? some thought it was an oversight, a lawyer's mistake. but tonight gary nurenberg reports the answer may be for her own safety. >> reporter: they did get her for lying. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty of providing false information to law enforcement officers. >> reporter: but she's already been in custody for three years. >> i think the judge will release her on thursday. there is no reason to keep her in any longer. >> reporter: so why didn't her defense team ask that she be released pending sentencing. perhaps for her own safety to let tempers cool. the local sheriff saw the big crowds outside the courthouse. >> please, i ask this community, that regardless of one's personal beliefs about the innocence or guilt of casey marie anthony, that you maintain your peaceful resol
actually cancelled their fireworks show. but over all the big one going off. maybe saw light sprinkles this evening. no severe thunderstorm warnings issued tonight. that's the good news. we still see a little bit of action on the doppler radar. look at the green you see out to the west basically out towards 66 and 81. we have some showers. light stuff here. not amounting to a whole lot. but around warrenton, chantilly getting some light showers and bethesda getting light sprinkles as well. 73 in leesburg. all the way down to 69 in martinsburg. now, what we're expecting the next few days, cloudy but dry as you're heading back to work and then becoming sunny and hot in a lot of places. chance of showers and thunderstorms do remain with us pretty much all week. the frontal system doesn't really want to move on that quickly through. mere is the future cast -- here is the future cast. maybe to the bay we can see some activity. maybe thunderstorm or moderate rainfall there. tomorrow morning some cloudy conditions. the clouds do start to clear upstarting from the north and then heading down t
: in a campaign that has already begun. gary nurenberg, 9news now. >>> and we still have big storms brewing up in our part of the world now. topper is here with more on the storm alert. >> we have flood warnings in effect and some storms out to the west. let's get right to live doppler 9000. the flash flood warnings continue for a little longer in howard county and anne arundel county. and these flood warnings out to the west in west virginia and also frederick county virginia go until about 1:00, 1:30 in the night and early nighttime hours. so we're not done with the storms yet. in fact, these storms out in winchester has prompted the flood warnings. the storms are drifting very slowly off to the east headed towards charlestown, upperville and front royal in the next hour. what about wake up weather? some of the storms could be in here in the morning. 70s to start. 60s and 70s by 7:00 and 70s by 9:00. humid across the board with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. a flash flood watch goes into effect tomorrow. we'll tell you who is covered and when it goes into effect when we return. >> th
. >>> earlier today, you could feel it coming. kind of settling down over us like a big, wet, soggy blanket. i'm talking humidity, and it's only going to get worst. anny hong with more on yet another heat alert. >> derek, tomorrow is the kind of day you just want to stay inside if you can or definitely get a lot of breaks if you're outside. it's going to be a very hot day. even record breaking heat is on store for your friday. here is a look at the heat alert. we have heat advisories in effect for tomorrow starting at 11:00 a.m. it goes until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. basically all of the areas shaded in orange. heat index 105-109. so it's going to feel very, very uncomfortable. the right now temperatures in the mid 80s in downtown. 84 in manassas. 84 in leesburg. fredericks cooling down to 75 because of the showers that went through. washington right now at 92 degrees. manassas 92. fredericksburg 94. so it's feeling like very humid out there. mid to upper 90s. live doppler right now we see some showers to the north of us. also saw some severe storms out towards the eastern shore. but right now we h
away from rehearsals for tomorrow's big fireworks show and concert. tomorrow you can see the whole show on the national mall. the annual event marks the 235th anniversary of america's independence. josh grobin. dancing from the stars performers will be strutting their stuff. >> it is the 235th anniversary. we will be doing a song from beauty and the beast. >> if you are planning to go to the big show tomorrow the fireworks show set to begin at 10 after 9 p.m. tomorrow night. and should last exactly 17 minutes. and this is important. no alcohol whatsoever is allowed on the national mall. also leave grills, tents and glass bottles at home. as far as getting there the best way is probably by public transportation. and make sure to get there early so you can get a good spot to watch the show. >>> casey anthony's fate will soon be in the hands of a jury. today lawyers began wrapping up their closing arguments in the sensational murder trial. karen brown has the very latest from orlando. >> reporter: casey anthony's defense spend its final hours in front of the jury trying to convince them th
the u.s. is such a big player. >> a lot's at stake, not only for this economy but for the world. so the president says he wants a deal in the next ten days. hello, i'm bruce johnson and thanks for joining us this sunday night. the good news is they're still talking. congressional leaders met with president barack obama for about an hour and a half tonight. the bad news, no deal that would raise the debt limit. matt joins us live from outside the white house. >> reporter: first, it's believed a deal would have to be reached by july 22nd or the u.s. would have to defacility on its loans for the first time in the u.s. history. for democrats and republicans say they don't want that to happen but tonight the question remains who's willing to compromise? despite the fact that another day has come and gone without a deal to extend the nation's debt limit, president obama says he remains confident that a deal can be done in time to avoid having the u.s. default on its loans. >> we can meet our fiscal challenge. >> reporter: a deal that would raise the country's $14 trillion dollar debt limi
-- >> you work at the mohegan sun. tom cantone he's the big guy him. you don't know him. he stand up -- you give him a cookie -- craig: do you still enjoy doing the standup? >> yeah, sure. gives a wife to put on the jewelry and stand out of the house and go -- it's the traveling. you're a pilot now. croich -- craig: i've be the a pilot for a while. >> you can bet a bird i'm not going to fly with you. craig: you were in the navy. >> jews don't fly. you just stand there and say, buy me a plane. you were on an -- in ireland and say, can i get him. craig: i'm not from ireland. i'm from scotland. >> what? that's better? craig: yes, it's better! >> sit around and say, all right, charlie, pump it up. get a day job. craig: i'm an american now. >> let me see your papeers. craig: i've got a lot of tattoos. >> don't worry about the tattoos. hide the tattoos. in the navy when a guy had the tattoo, you were supposed to be tough. you're not a tough guy. you're a nice guy with a lot of class. by the way, i saw your baby. craig: oh, yeah. >> and the kid's like this -- he's adorable. craig: do you know what
's disability payments in half. hundreds of dollars a month gone. >> but who knows $0.40 would be such a big deal. >> theresa made sure she was paying the electric bill to keep her son alive, but she fell behind on the rent and was about to be evicted with her kids. fortunately the case manager for theresa's son stepped in with emergency cash and worked out an agreement with the landlord. the family can stay put at least for now. >>> a fast spreading virus has forced a fairfax county animal shelter to make a heart-breaking decision. they have to put down every single cat. about 80 of them. it took in some cats that had been infected with a respiratory virus that can be deadly. they tried to halt the tragedy and the vets decided to follow the national protocol. that means euthanize all of the cats. dogs are not affected. >>> caught on tape, take your child to workday. the trouble is this guy's work is robbing a convenience store. he brought his 5-year-old boy with him when he knocked off a store. fortunately nobody got store. police later found dad and charged him with robbery and contributin
a kid in the 1950s where there was a big public concern about polio and everybody was paying attention to it. well we have to have that same kind of attention about lyme disease. >> this is troubling if you live in loudoun county. get this, the county is home to just 4% of virginia's population and yet it has nearly 20% of the state's cases of lyme disease. so if you're outside this weekend be sure to wear bug spray and don't just check yourself for ticks, but be sure to check your kids as well. anita, derek. >>> thank you much. domonique has a $4 million mansion down in georgetown and tonight he is finally free to sleep in it again. today a judge in new york released him from house arrest all amid signs that the rape case the prosecutors have been building against him could soon crumble. prosecutors admit they question the credibility of that hotel maid that said he forced himself on her. the charges still stand. >> our officer's commitment is to the truth and the facts and that will govern how we proceed. >> the rape charges forced him to resign as head of the international moneta
. so no big break until probably the end of the weekend. temperatures scorching the next couple days. this is dangerous heat. want to take it easy. here is a look at our current conditions. 85 in hagerstown. fredericksburg to the south of us in the lower 80s. now, dew points. this is why it feels so ugly outside. 77 manassas. look at fredericksburg. around downtown, mid-70s. these dew points just getting worse and worse. our heat alerts are on. look at this. entire middle section of the country all the way to the northeast and mid-atlantic. we also have that heat, excessive heat warning in effect for our area. right now temperatures in the milling of the country upper 80s. now we are right now in the mid-80s so we are going to see some of that intense heat come this way arriving tomorrow. right now doppler is quiet. we have got clear skies out there. all right. so what's happening? we have got this get ready for the triple digits with that bermuda high in place. scorching through your weekend. sorry to say there is not much relief here until a few days from now. so overnight what can
in there, yeah. >> reporter: judging by this turnout they are. this save the schools rallies features big names in the education community. a teacher turned poet. >> objection overruled. >> reporter: matt damon says his own fame is because of teachers. >> i just want them to know that there are millions and millions of regular people who deeply appreciate what they do with their lives and know that this country would be a mess without them. >> do you have a person on your mind when you say that? >> i have a lot of them. this is my history teacher from high school larry. >> reporter: i asked larry what's the secret. >> the teachers had ownership over our curriculum. we will a huge say in what we were doing and not without evaluation. we were assessed but we had a great voice there what we were doing as teachers. >> reporter: and today they are trying to find that voice. trchtransferas this mom and teacher puts it before introducing her famous son. damon tells me what he was thinking about when he wrote the speech. >> i feel more and more appreciative every day for the teachers that i had a
with compassion and the democratic values he was trying to destroy. >>> a very big deal to talk about in the flu alert. a vaccine that may be made in the next five to 10 years. the importance of research coming out of nih which could see its funding scale back in the ongoing budget debate. now, a vaccine that protects against every strain of flu would undoubtedly save lives, not to mention you could avoid getting that shot every year and standing in line for it. >> this is something scientists thought was completely out of reach very recently because the flu virus mutates so fast. >> how the heck do they do it? >> i love to tell you. this is biotech at its best. they use computers to create the virus and they figure out there is one part of the coding that's the same. whether it's h1n1, type a, bird flu. that protein stays the same. and targeting that is how they figured out a way to make this universal vaccine which could be amazing. they could give it to people and prevent them from getting infected. >> and you wouldn't have to get a sore arm every year. >> you would not have to get that. so l
of your truck. you're making a big mistake, commander mcgarrett. are we done here now? because if it's okay with you, i'd like to get back to my job evacuating the city. after which i look forward to having a nice, long chat with the governor about this incident. recognize this? we found one just like it outside of dr. russell's house. lukela: it's a sandbag. there are thousands everywhere. steve: yes, there are. (chuckles) that's smart. wait till the disaster's been averted, everybody's relieved, the cleanup's underway, and then you come back and you collect. coast guard tracked that drug deal for six months. it was supposed to be our takedown, but then hpd swooped in, took the credit. now i'm being pushed out before my 20, no pension, no benefits. my country owes me. hey... let's clear one thing up right now. you swore to support and defend this country, no matter what the cost. she doesn't owe you anything, okay? danny: this, uh... could be our last chance to say it. go on. book him, danno. how much money is this? it's $28 million. ♪ ♪ eh...! lost again! hey, babe. daddy! (gro
's about has our government grown too big and too far. >> the vote is now tomorrow on that rewritten, has more spending cuts than it did yesterday boehner plan. if there is no deal by tuesday it's the administration that gets to decide who gets paid and who doesn't, what in the federal government stays open and what closes down. not wanting to spook the markets by talking too much about that, the administration hasn't said, which means we don't know, which means that even if the administration is planning, the rest of us can't. derek? >> thank you, gary. >>> well there has been yet another high profile killing in the southern afghan city of kandahar. a suicide bomber who hid the explosives inside his turbine assassinated the mayor of kandahar. just two weeks ago, the president's half brother was also killed there. in all, three power brokers from southern afghanistan have been murdered in just the last two weeks. he was a man who loved american values. after all he lived in the washington area for nearly 20 years. our ken molestina spoke to those close to him who say he was trying to rebu
for big thunderstorms tomorrow and if it will, in fact, live up to its name and actually cool us off later in the week. derek. >> thank you, top. >>> new at 11:00 right now, two people in the hospital after a car slammed into the pair of them in anne arundel county. it happened just before 9:00 at the intersection of ritchie highway and west early heights road. emergency crews took the 17 and 18-year-old victims to the hospital. their injuries described as critical. the driver did stay on the scene. no word yet if any charges will be filed there. >>> and tonight a controversial proposal from one of the country's most prominent obesity doctors. he suggests some extremely obese kids ought to be taken away from their family. >> you heard right. taken from their parents custody. matt jablow has details and reaction from folks here in the dc metro area. >> reporter: like most parents, charles is fiercely protective of his daughter. >> i would do just about anything for her. >> reporter: and would not let anything come between them. >> oh, that was fun. >> yes. >> there you go. >> reporter: whi
that are very dramatic. i think there is still time to get something big done. >> reporter: the white house budget director says president obama still wants to go big by raising the debt ceiling, cutting deficits by more than $4 trillion over the next ten years and increasing taxes on the wealthy. republicans want a constitutional amendment requiring a balancedded budget. >> the cut, cap and balance plan the house will vote on next week is a solid plan for moving forward. >> reporter: senate democrats say that plan will be dead on arrival. >> we don't need an amendment. we basically need to accept the responsibility to do this job and to lead. >> reporter: there are other ideas being floated around in washington but at this point no one knows if a deal will be possible by august 2nd or what it will look like. and that's got regular folks making their own plan. >> i think that it is a good wakeup call for people because we have taken the economy for granted for so long. i think more people will be conscientious in terms of running their households and running their businesses. >> reporter: t
. the after hours crowd are big, dangerous and hurting business. kentuckyken mowlies design that -- molistina is live. >> reporter: now that the video is circulating, red flags are raising over revelers who are maybe taking that fun a little too far. take a look. it's the video that has many people shaking their heads. these images posted on worldstarhip-hop.com show a crowd facing off with the police. >> go for it, man. be a soldier, go for it. >> you can hear someone in the crowd encourage the man to continue, taunting the police. he walks around the officer, squares off as to threaten the cop, and then -- [ shouting ] >> reporter: the officer tackles the man while others cheer. >> there was a great deal of disrespect, but it's also a matter just of the numbers. >> reporter: d.c. councilman jim graham lives in and represents the area of morgans and is deeply disturbed by these images. he says the boldness of the crowd is causing an increased security concern and one of two things needs to be done about it. >> i think it's getting worse rather than better and we need a commitment from the po
this thing done, a deal right now, big deal, so he doesn't have to deal with this next year when he's facing re-election. there's no way the republicans want to give him that. they want this as part of the debate during next year's election. what are you hearing in addition? >> reporter bruce, i think this will come down to who is this more important to politically. do republicans need this more next year or does the president need this more next year? does he think he needs it more next year for his presidential hopes? that ultimately, a lot of people believe, is what this is all going to come down to. >> matt, thanks a lot. as the negotiations over the debt ceiling continues, so will our coverage. stick with 9 news now for every development on capitol hill and at the white house. as always, you can go to our website for the very latest. >>> turning elsewhere, a 7- month-old baltimore boy is missing tonight. police believe he may be in this area with his 16-year-old babysitter. authorities say he was being cared in his father's home in baltimore
taking on the trial on the "tonight" show only to have his casey anthony joke bomb, big time. >> i don't get this. casey anthony not guilty, not guilty. this means president obama's team is the second biggest people in america. did the mike go out? >> no, you're good. >> thashton kutcher simply retweeted this gem, o.j. simpson find this verdict outrageous. >> one of my favorites, anybody else hoping casey anthony is stupid enough to sue herself for millions in civil court? all right. as casey continues to be tried in the world of social media, coming up, has the mysterious father of caylee anthony just been identified? >> she gave me a name of eric baker. >> after casey anthony's mom spoke out, what happened to caylee's alleged father? plus -- >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> he came in with a presumption. he couldn't have done this. >> the biggest televised trials, the back story. then vanity fair on the billionaire split. >> the estimate of fees involved are about $20 million. >> a new york housewife versus a j.p. morgan heir. >> in depth on million-dollar celebrity divorces
in large numbers -- police in large numbers are trying to control the streets in adams morgan from big crowds. it's a crackdown launched after business owners and residents demanded that order be restored in the district. ken molestina is live in the streets right now. what are you seeing? >> reporter: bruce, the extra added police presence is certainly being felt out here but now the business owners and those who live along the area are hoping that presence is here for the long haul. ♪ the sounds. and sights along the streets of at ams morgan are getting a much-needed overhaul. recent crime in the area and pressure from community leaders has forced police to step up patrol here. joshua works the door security at the black squirrel and says he's seen the dangers in adams morgan at the hands of people who come here purposely looking for trouble. >> you see everything, you see theft, see people getting beat up. see people get taken advantage of. >> reporter: the start of operation adams morgan on friday night more than doubled the number of police officers patrolling the streets. it's
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